The affordable moving map for passengers and aircraft operators

Available on the App Store. Works with iPad and iPhone
Moving Map it's an affordable solution for the iPad and iPhone to display a realtime position of your aircraft on a georeferenced map. Moving Map uses the device's internal sensors to calculate position and flight parameters without the need of an internet connection at any time. 3 versions are availabe:

BASIC  designed for airlines passengers with the main goal to follow position and get basic flight parameters
PRO  designed for aircraft owners and operators with the need to dispaly professional information
CUSTOM  designed for operators requesting customized functions
Moving Map by Arrigoni Aviation

A detailed map

  • Download maps within the app
  • Cities, country names, lakes, rivers
  • Major points of interest and mountains name
  • Swapping automatically between route view and close zoom view
  • Can lock the view on route view, close zoom or live information PRO
  • 4 aircraft icons (airline, private jet, single engine and helicopter) PRO
  • In APP brightness controls PRO

Live information page

  • Remaining distance to destination (in NM, SM or Km)
  • Time left to destination
  • Current speed (in Knots, Km/h or Mph)
  • Flying altitude (in feet or meters)
  • External estimated temperature (in Farheneit or Celsius) PRO
  • Aircraft track PRO
  • Aircraft pressurization (only for devices with barometer) PRO
  • Dark mode (suitable for night flights) PRO
Moving Map by Arrigoni Aviation
Moving Map by Arrigoni Aviation

Welcome on board

  • Only avialble on PRO
  • Display weather conditions at destination
  • Swaps automatically to the live map
  • Display crew information (optional)
  • Custom logos (optional)

Destination city picture

When the aircraft is approching its final destination, a picture representing the arrival city is displayed (if available). PRO

Moving Map by Arrigoni Aviation


Application and custom aircraft installations


Basic live information page
 Aircraft icons
 Welcome on Board
 Welcome to destination
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$ 59.90
BASIC functions +
Detailed live information page
 4 Aircraft icons
 Welcome on Board with logo
 Welcome to destination
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PRO functions +
Custom aircraft icons
Custom welcome on board
Additional functions on demand
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Technical stuff

Additional information


  • GPS needs to be ON
  • Preferably position the device near a window
  • On a fully charged iPad the battery life has been tested up to 5 hours
  • At least 100MB of free space for installation and 600MB for maps


Moving Map is a developement of Arrigoni Aviation, an aviation company based in Monaco. Arrigoni Aviation provides services such as aircraft brokerage, contract pilots and apps developement.

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